Start of New Program Session

Posted on June 13, 2019

Several dozen psychologists have begun training in the two-year Psychological Counseling program. Some students are studying in the specialty "Traumatherapy", the others - "Clinical counseling for children and adolescents".

Along with the first year's curriculum, the last session was held for those students who are  completing the program this fall.


Retreat for families of ATO veterans

Posted June 5, 2019

Five days of deep immersion and work on the self and relationships. An opportunity to learn how to communicate, feel, and love one another - this is what several families of veterans of the ATO worked on. A team of American specialists from Regent University and Ukrainian specialists in Khmelnytsky studied, listened, provided new resources and tools for the future, drew, played, communicated with families -


Child Program for the Center of Psychological Rehabilitation

Posted 3 June 2019

This year, for the first time, the program "Clinical Counseling for Children and Adolescents", which is taught to psychologists by American and Ukrainian specialists within the framework of the postgraduate program, was launched.

In addition to training events, a team of American specialists spent five days conducting play therapy sessions with children in one of the centers of social and psychological rehabilitation of children in the Kiev region.


Presentation of the Training Program

Held October 27, 2018


On October 27, the presentation of the joint Ukrainian-American post-graduate program "Psychological counseling and Trauma Therapy" (Regent University, USA and UETS, Ukraine) was held for mental health professionals who wish to develop and improve their professional skills. Olga Zaporozhets (Program Director and Head of the Open Doors Center, licensed psychological counselor, Regent University) and Joshua Kreimeyer (Professor Regis University, licensed family therapy counselor) presented to fifty students the conditions and benefits of studying in the program, as well as about standards for providing psychological assistance in the United States and their implementation in Ukraine.

Event Dates


Mon., 03/18/19, 6:30 pm

Presentation of the book "Sexuality and Sexual Disorders" by Dr. Olga Zaporozhets.


Mon., 3/11-3/15

Seminar "Basics of trauma therapy". Start of a trauma therapy program.


Mon., 3/13-3/16

Seminar "Basics of Child Mental Health Counseling," start of the Child Mental Health Counseling Program


THU., JANUARY 03, 12:00

Meeting with the Head of the Psychological Counseling Program, Licensed Psychological Counselor in the USA, Lecturer at Regent University, Dr. Olga Zaporozhets.


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