Hear what our past students have to say about this program!

Olesia Druzhina 

The curriculum helped me to enter a qualitatively new professional level. And that's not just words. At the beginning of the program some things seemed to me unattainable in my career as a mental health professional. And after a year and a half of training, I looked at the group of people I considered to be advanced professionals, and suddenly realized that I use all these same skills naturally, confidently and easily.  I understand the processes of counseling at a deeper level and am able to percieve the nuances. All this happened due to my training through a well-designed and implemented curriculum. The theory was harmoniously combined with practice, and the load grew gradually, but constantly. I would like to express my thanks for supervisory support throughout the entire period of training. Our supervisors inspired us to increase our professional development and supported us on this path, helped us to overcome anxiety, and taught us not to be content with what is immediately visible and to go deeper.

Thank you to everyone who created this program and implemented it!

Olga Kolesnikova Chmel

For me, this program provides an opportunity to improve your skills and increase the level of your services to meet the requirements of international standards. The program even exceeded my expectations. First of all, this is a high level of teaching. Teachers-  international level experts with enormous experience- demonstrate practical counseling and excellent ability to share their knowledge in a clear and accessible form. This is a wonderful correlation of theory and practice, where the focus is on the ability to apply the knowledge gained. The program encompasses the openness and transparency of the learning process, where clear evaluation criteria are used to create a plan for the training and development of each student. The goal of training is clearly stated and the achievement of these goals is measured through the capacity of the supervision system. The openness of the teachers is impressive. Even in the presence of different time zones, there is constant communication and support. The atmosphere of multicultural communication gives a sense of coherence to global processes in the field of psychological care. The Christian values ​​that are present in the organization are very important to me. It is a feeling of high moral standard, true professionalism, where the person seeking help is in the center.

Lyudmila Novitska

I chose the program for my further training quite skeptically, as I had a negative experience in the past with a two-year Ukrainian supervisory project. The program "Psychological Counseling and Traumatic Therapy" was chosen because of the feedback from program graduates and the teaching staff. My experience of studying in recent years has shown that through modern technologies, I can be anywhere in the world and still access high level faculty. I was satisfied with the duration of the sessions (this is about one week - you can coordinate the schedule at a permanent place of work without much loss), and regular support (weekly supervisory meetings with a supervisor), and constant studying in small groups with foreign teachers (the experience of another culture) .I also appreciate the element of sharing experiences with colleagues. I liked the attitude of teachers towards us students. This is a special experience after studying in two universities where students were mostly intimidated by exams and credits. In this program, teachers are happy to answer questions, help students find solutions in cumbersome situations when dealing with clients or when learning new forms of work. A very attentive attitude to me teaches me the same way to treat my clients. And although I came to this program witha  good deal of trauma experience, here I discover more and more facets of the work of the psychologist and their own abilities. Psychology is a profession that needs constant improvement and maintenance of own curiosity to the subject and to itself, and the program allows me to satisfy these needs.

Irina Klescherova

Very high-quality practical program for psychologists. Practical training of skills begins on the first day of the program, conducted under the guidance of highly skilled teachers who themselves are practitioners. After the first module, you already have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you have gained in work with real clients. The theoretical material is provided to the extent necessary to understand how actual practical work should take place. Among the courses that make up the contents of the curriculum, a large part relates to work with complex problems or categories of clients. To fulfill the requirements of the program, the student must organize their own practice and work hard, and this leads to a rapid accumulation of experience and a significant increase in qualifications in a rather short time. One's own practice with clients is carried out under the systematic supervisory support, which provides support for budding counselors, and assistance in solving issues related to working with clients, as well as pursuing their own competencies, awareness of their strengths, and compensating the weaknesses. I am very pleased with the program, I feel and see in my actual work the significant changes that arose during the stay in the project.


Thank you very much to the teachers and organizers of the project. pograms for the opportunity to study.

Natalia Shcherbyna

The Postgraduate Certification Program for the Training of Trauma Therapists has been an important part of my education. I decided to take part in the program, having already had around 380 hours of theory and practice of dealing with trauma at various training seminars. My goal was to summarize my knowledge and my work under supervision, because I believe that it is the long-term work under the supervision of more experienced colleagues and the possibility of a broad discussion of their practice by forming a specialist which can turn a brave newcomer into a stable and efficient professional. The work of the therapist requires a creative approach: there are no identical people in the world with the same difficulties and possibilities and styles of their overcoming. However, in addition to the ability to work, the therapist must be capable of qualified use of psychotherapeutic tools, and therefore be aware of what his behavior, which worldview contributes to the self-disclosure of the client and the integration of his traumatic experiences. The program enriches the toolkit, helps in shaping such a picture of the world of the therapist, which maximally contributes to the recovery of the client, makes it possible to process their own mistakes, supports the formation of an individual style of work. Organizers and lecturers do not leave any chance to "fly out". There is plenty to read, make audio and video of their work, think over what they have seen and heard, learn to document it, read it again and think again. Learning in practice is exactly what I lacked in my previous education. It is very difficult, but my respect for myself and the confidence that I have the right to call myself a psychotherapist is growing.

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