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If you have reached this page, then you are invested in the topic of psychotrauma and psychological counseling.

The issues of psychotrauma and PTSD especially are difficult topics within the field of psychology, given the vast array of difficulties and consequences encountered in the life of someone who has survived traumatic events.

Those who study in our program, regardless of their educational and professional backgrounds, want to make their work with survivors of trauma more substantiated, systematic and in-depth. Our program is based around fulfillment of written tasks, reading professional literature, and supervised practice of clinically-valid counseling skills.

Our graduates not only receive new knowledge and skills, but also expand their circle of professional communication and support.


Project coordinator, 
Professor of the Department of Social and Human Sciences at UETS

Irina Davydenko


To be successful in the project, teachers and program managers must be well acquainted with the student's personal business.

The program consists of two levels. Detailed information can be found in the PROGRAM section.

For training at the first level of the program, we invite specialists including psychologists, chaplains, volunteers, church servants, social workers, and educators. To participate in the training you must fill out a registration form and make a prepayment in the amount of UAH 1,000.

After the completion of the first level, we invite specialists in the field of psychology who have corresponding higher education to continue to the second level. The term of study is one year: from May 2019 to May 2020 (reduction of submitted documents May 1, 2019).

Requirements for Level 2:

-Completion of level 1 topics (introduction to the science of trauma, compassion fatigue, grief and loss, PPE, stress management, helping clients to adapt to a peaceful life)


- higher psychological education* (the possibility to enter Level 2 is also open for students of psychological specialties in the last year of study, those who have an alternative education (medical, pedagogical) and are also a student of the last year of study, or have a similar education)

- Respect for the Christian worldview and values​​*

* Contact the coordinator if you have any questions about these conditions.

Training Package for Level 2:

- Diploma and appendix from higher psychological education (and their photocopies). If you are a student of the last year, it is enough to have a document confirming your studies at an institution of higher education;

- health certificate form 086-U;

- resume (download example);

- fill in an online questionnaire.

* Scanned copies of diplomas and certificates of advanced training sent to

After registration, you need to make a prepayment in the amount of 1000 UAH. before March 1, 2019. The remaining amount is paid in person on the first day of classes.

Details for payment:

UES (Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary)
The account number in Privatbank: 26006052620082
Code of the USREOU 20052306
МФО 320649

It is mandatory to specify in the definition of the plan "Psychological counseling, voluntary appeal: your surname and name". You can transfer money through your card through a private office in Privat24 (from PrivatBank computer, phone or terminal). Please save a payment receipt to show it on the first day of study if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact:


​Phone: +380 67 306 83 13

(M-F 9:00-17:00)



Further information can also be obtained by filling out this form:

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