You're invited to join the program!

Starting December 15, we will accept applications to join the next class of students for training in the specializations:

- Trauma Therapy

- Child Mental Health Counseling

- Family Counseling.

Classes begin March 2019.

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Event Dates

Meeting with the Psychological Counseling program director, licensed professional counselor in the USA, Professor at Regent University, Dr. Olya Zaporozhets.

Details here:


2 November

A seminar for gynecologists and pediatricians on postpartum depression from a licensed professional counselor, Associate Professor of Regent University (USA), Olya Zaporozhets, Ph.D. and director of the Open Doors Center, ginacologist (OB-GYN), Oksana Syvak, MD.

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Feedback from program graduates
What makes our program special?


Education is conducted by experienced American specialists - licensed professional counselors and professors from Regent University, USA, and other dAmerican Universities, as well as Ukrainian instructors who are graduated from the program and have advanced experience of practice in Ukraine.


The courses meet the standards of study in the USA but are adapted to Ukrainian realities.


Students' counseling practice is provided with supervisory support from both Ukrainian and American certified supervisors.


For students living in Kyiv, there is an opportunity to practice the internship portion of the program at the Center of Psychological Counseling and Traumatherapy "Open Doors."


Under the terms of the curriculum, students receive a certificate upon completion of the program "Psychological counseling and trauma therapy" by the Center of Psychological Counseling and Traumatherapy "Open Doors" & Regent University (USA).


Program curriculum includes training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensetization and Reprocessing)


A convenient residency and supervision schedule allows you to study and work without interruption of the usual rhythm of life.


It has been noted that all students indicated a significant increase in their professional competencies including skill level and dispositions during the program.

After students successfully complete a clinical level of the program, there are invited to proceed with the supervisory and teaching levels, that includes practice as supervisors and instructors in the program.

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