Message from the Program Director

Ольга Запорожець Today, the need to train specialists in the field of trauma therapy is very urgent, especially in the context of the prolonged military hostilities resulting in a large number of forcibly displaced citizens and families who have faced the loss of loved ones. In general, the issues of trauma are more global and they face each volunteer, chaplain, minister, or mental health professional. When we help people, we share in their pain, suffering, experience of physical and sexual violence, secondary injury, and so on. Therefore, it is hard to overstimate the possibility to train qualified specialists for this area.

Ukraine has taken a sure step towards inclusive education for children with special needs. However it's important to understand that children and parents need psychological care and support in the inclusive environment, as well as proper diagnosis and counseling on how to bring up a child with developmental defects, autism or behavioral problems. Therefore, there is also a real need for postgraduate training of psychologists in the field of child counseling.

​ In Ukraine, there have been many trainings and seminars on "psychological trauma", but there still lack of programs providing comprehensive training of specialists with supervised practice of evidence-based therapy methods.

A professional counselor should be able to help the clients whith concideration of their values ​​and existential beliefs. In a situation of crisis (trauma), issues of meaning, faith, and God are especially actual. Therefore, the integration of the Christian perspective into counseling will help the counselor working in a broader field of psychological issues, including those of faith and spirituality.
Therefore, understanding how to evaluate the biopsychosocial and spiritual aspects of the problem is central to the diagnosis and development of the correct plan of psychological care. The unique part of our program is that the specialists learn to make a comprehensive psychological assessment, including aspects of spiritual trauma.
Наша програма є плодом співпраці Міжнародного Інституту Післядипломної Освіти (Київ) та Regent University, USA (

The program has existed since 2016 and currently has three levels:

- clinical,
- supervisory,
- teaching staff,

​ and three specializations:

- Trauma Therapy,
- Child Mental Health Counseling,
- Family Counseling.

​ The program is non-profit. 3/4 of the cost of training is covered by contributions from the American side.

We teach and accompany with supervision the practice of Ukrainian specialists, who provide psychological help to those who need it qualitatively, responsibly and on the basis of scientifically proven methods.

​ Sincerely,
Doctor of Counselor Education and Supervision
Regent University, USA,
Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia, USA
Olya Zaporozhets, PhD, LPC (VA)

Our Principles

Наші принципи - To provide quality education for mental health professionals in accordance with American standards of providing psychological assistance
​ - To ensure confidentiality of clients in the process of counseling and supervision
​ - To teach training and practice only with proven, evidence-based approaches and methods
​ - To train students on the diagnosis and drawing-up treatment plans in line with scientific research and best practices in the United States.
- To integrate a Christian perspective on counseling with evidence-based treatment methods in order to help the counselor work in a broader field of psychological issues.

Video about the beginning of the certification program for psychological counseling and trauma therapy in Ukraine. March, 2016 (at that time in cooperation with the Taras Shevchenko University)