Child and Adolescent Mental Health Counseling

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Counseling

The Postgraduate Certification Program "CHILD & ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING" is a specialization for students seeking additional training and education in the field of child mental health. The program is designed to provide psychologists with the unique skills and knowledge base required for counseling children and adolescents. The courses will address critical developmental issues, diagnoses and problems common in childhood and adolescence, as well as effective treatments and models in counseling this popultion.

For two consecutive years, students will attend classroom lessons during the three annual on-call sessions, and will be provided with clinical on-line supervision throughout the program.

In order to get proper clinical supervision, students are required to devote at least 30% of their professional practice to working with children and / or adolescents. A specialist course for this program is not available during the May sessions, but student must attend the May sessions to gain additional important skills and knowledge necessary for their development in the field of professional counseling.

You can familiarize yourself with the course schedule in the section CURRICULUM PLAN.

​This program trains specialists to:

  1. understand children and their problems in the context of development, including psycho-social and neurological peculiarities;
  2. assess, diagnose, and develop treatment plans for children and adolescents based on ICD-10 and DSM-5 with integrated awareness of developmental issues, as well as the consequences of injuries and ill-treatment of children;
  3. understand and demonstrate the therapeutic skills of theories and treatment models specifically designed for children and adolescents

Seminar "Foundations of Child Counseling". The seminar will cover the following topics:

  • Psychosocial Development in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence
  • Diagnoses Common in Childhood and Adolescence
  • Considerations in Childhood Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect
  • Introduction to Play Therapy

 Duration of the Seminar - 4 days.

​Participants will receive certificates of the seminar complition and this will count as the first course towards the postgraduate program in "Psychological Counseling" with "Child and Adolescent Mental Health Counseling Concentration", approved by the Ukraine Ministry of Education.

​Psychology degree is not required for this seminar.

​The cost of studying in the  training  is $150 USD.

​To participate in the  training,  please, register online. 

Number of participants is limited.



The program is specifically designed for professionals who interact closely with children and adolescents and is suitable for psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, school psychologists, nurses in the field of psychiatry, pediatricians, orphanage workers, or social workers.

​REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION to the program Child & Adolescent Mental Heatlh Counseling: 

- interview

- higher education in the psychology field (the opportunity to study in the program is also open for students of psychological specialties in the last year of study)

- respect for Christian worldview and values*

* Contact the program coordinator if you have any questions about this requirement.


DOCUMENT PACKET for program admission:

 -a diploma and transcript from higher psychological education (and their photocopies). For students of the last year it is enough to have a document confirming the study in the university;

 - completed online application.

* Scanned copies of diplomas are attached when filling out an online application form.


The remaining amount is paid on the first day of classes.

​The program conducts in-person sessions over the course of two 10-day modules and four 5-day modules (in October and  March).

After each module, students receive a theoretical and practical homework that they need to send to the program administration department when completed.



During September - April, mandatory clinical practice is conducted under the supervision of qualified supervisors.

That is, the teaching is accompanied by individual mentoring sessions (supervision), during which a supervisor will discuss the specific cases students encounter in practice, and the employment of skills and methods they learn in course sessions.

​Supervision Requirements:

- 140 hours per year of direct contact with clients under the supervision of qualified specialists (280 hours in total for the course);

- 210 hours per year of indirect contact (420 hours in total for the course);

- on-line supervision in triplets - 1.5 hours a week from September to May ;

- on-line group supervision with the study of MKH-10 - 1.5 hours a week from October  to May;

- Supervisors are also under the supervision of supervisors - 16.


The program is non-profit.

The number of seats at reduced cost is limited to 20 people.

The cost of the 2 year program is 320 000 UAH = 8000 $.

​The price includes:

- training in a program taught by American teachers for two years

- translation work during modules

- online supervision with a Ukrainian psychologist in triads for two years

- coordinator support

- Internship at the Open Doors Center (customer support for counseling practice)

- translation of materials and printed teaching materials

- Certificate from Regent University, USA and the International Institute of Postgraduate Education.

​Trainings take place both at the Center (Metro: Svyatoshin, Nyvky).

​We teach and accompany the practice of Ukrainian specialists, who provide psychological help to those who need it qualitatively, responsibly and on the basis of scientifically proven methods.

​If desired and as a result of the interview, graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at the supervisory and / or teaching levels and to participate in the project as supervisor and / or teacher.


Recipient: International Institute of Postgraduate Education. 

Checking account: UA373005280000026005455057520

EDRPOU: 42276128

Bank of the recipient: OTP Bank JSC

MFI Bank: 300528

Purpose of payment: Payment for educational services.

​Please, save a payment receipt to show on the first day of study, if necessary.