Supervision Level

Only graduates of the two year postgraduate program can attend the supervisory level. The supervisory level examines the theoretical and applied aspects of clinical supervision and the counseling learning process, with a focus on the concepts, problems, and strategies of applied clinical supervision and its delivery. As a result of completing the supervision level, students will be able to demonstrate leadership qualities both as a supervisor and as a counselor. Students will gain knowledge of and experience in working with concepts and processes that are essential in teaching those seeking to learn about counseling.

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1 year

Course Term

May Session 1 and October Session 1


CES 763: Clinical Supervision and Consultation


CES 801: Supervisionship (supervision of supervision provided)

- completion of the two year postgraduate program
- completion of an interview
- completion of a degree in psychology (or to be a student of psychology program in the last year of study)
- respect for Christian worldview and values*
* Contact the coordinator if you have any questions about this condition.

PROGRAM COST: The cost of the program is $1,750 for 1 year. The tuition fee is fixed in the contract and does not change during the training.

The price includes:
- training in a program taught by American teachers for two years,
- translation work during modules,
- online supervision with a Ukrainian psychologist in triads for two years,
- online supervision with an American psychologist in small groups for two years,
- coordinator support
- Internship at the Open Doors Center (customer support for counseling practice),
- translation of materials and printed teaching materials,
- Certificate from Regent University, USA and the International Institute of Postgraduate Education.

Recipient: International Institute of Postgraduate Education
Checking account: UA373005280000026005455057520
EDRPOU: 42276128
Bank of the recipient: OTP Bank JSC
MFI Bank: 300528
Purpose of payment: Payment for educational services.
Please, save a payment receipt to show on the first day of study, if necessary