One Year of Supervision in Triplets, with Ukrainian Supervisors

Frequency: Cost:
2 hours a month 16700 UAH per year,

2 payments of 8350 UAH

One Year of Individual Supervision

Condition: Starting from 2 hours/month

Cost: Frequency: Ukrainian Supervisor: American Supervisor:
2 hours/month 21200 UAH 68900 UAH
3 hours/month 31800 UAH 103350 UAH
4 hours/month 42400 UAH 148400 UAH

Payment to be made twice a year.

Supervision consultation *

* In the case of supervisory consultations the supervisor is not responsible for the psychologist's clients

Price for 1 hour:
Consultation with an Ukrainian Supervisor 1000 UAH
Consultation with an American Supervisor 2650 UAH

Payment Information:
Recipient: "Open Doors Center for Psychological Counseling and Trauma Therapy"
Current Account: UA373005280000026005455057520
EDRPOU: 42276128
Recipient's Bank: OTP Bank JSC
Bank MFO: 300528
Purpose of payment: Payment for the provision of educational services.
Please keep a receipt for payment to be presented on the first day of study if necessary.