The International Institute of Postgraduate Education and the Association of EMDR in Ukraine became partners - signed memorandum of cooperation.

The main goal: to develop a professional community of certified specialists of the EMDR method.
EMDR training, built into the curriculum of the Institute as part of the subject of trauma therapy, is recognized and specialists of the Ukrainian association.

This method was developed and contributed to its rapid development by the American Francine Shapiro, whose contribution to the international community is difficult to overestimate. We also continue its mission: to bring effective therapeutic method for healing from psychological trauma, including complex PTSD.
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The educational program of the International Institute of Postgraduate Education is included in the International Register Counseling Training Programs (IRCEP). We meet the standards of psychological training consultants, which is recognized worldwide.

This is important because IRCEP is an organization that promotes continuous development and recognition of the profession psychological counselor around the world. Our program in the register is the recognition of the use of established ones professional requirements.

In particular, this applies to the quality of clinical practice and supervision according to American standards. Note that our educational program is the only one from Ukraine included in the register.